Roofing Installation

Roofs receive daily battering from outside forces. Even though they’re built to withstand these forces, roofs wear down and even break over time. Whether you want to replace your roof preventively or restore your home by replacing a damaged roof, you’ll want a team of trained professionals to ensure your new roof will last for a long time.
Call PG Builders for a quality roof inspection and installation! Our experts will come in and thoroughly inspect your roof for telltale signs of replacement, such as broken, damaged, or missing shingles, significant cracks, or damaged flashing. Once we determine you need a new roof, you can choose from our selection of quality roofing materials, such as composite tiling or asphalt shingles. Then, our skilled crew will quickly and securely install your new roof of choice! You can rest assured that your new roof is an upgrade, both functionally and physically.